LadyBug Project

Blu-Ray microscopy: What the LadyBug project was always supposed to be about.

My Master's was in biomedical engineering, These drillbits are actually pretty neat.

This was fun! I'd like to see a better version some day.

It's just following a centroids file and doing traveling salesman.

This is my first attempt at scanning one kind of thing with no effort.

This is a ceramic computer chip cover with polarized light (Dinolite)

3D printing

FDM metal printing

Chainmail. Can't machine it, can't cast it. Great choice for FDM metal printing.

FDM Glass Printing

Here I use a porous version of 3D printed glass to inefficiently brew coffee.

But if you treat it right, you can make a bowl that holds water, too.

Toothpaste? Battery powered printers?

Because it's easier to print with than honey (long story).

Also this printer was just $72!

More Stuff

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